I worked on every level in the game at some point, it was just the kind of project where everybody touched everything. Specifically I did a large amount of work fixing collision, optimizing content, and setting up streaming levels and scripting for the env art content. I also directed optimization work for other env artists, defining texture use, polygon counts, material complexity, and use of draw calls in object creation and prop placement. I spent a large amount of time towards the end scrubbing the bug database, assigning bugs to other artists and filtering bugs that I felt were high risk to my managers for triage as well as fixing many bugs myself.

I also worked on the world geometry and propping for some of the levels, check below for more detail on each.


The apartment level was our major demo level, it was originally built for a dynamic lighting system using a large number of modular pieces. When we switched over to static lighting later in the project, there were lightmap seams literally everywhere. I rebuilt most of the world geometry (90% of walls, floors, etc) in the level to work with lightmapping by making unique pieces that were continuous, at the same time I reduced the overall memory footprint by using more efficient modeling and texture masks for blending isntead of vertex colors which were originally used.


For the church level, I worked on the layout with the level designers. I was responsible for building the world geometry for the nave and entrance area, as well as the facade of the back of the church visible in the courtyard. For these areas I created the stained glass windows and wood paneling textures which are used on the ceilings, trim, stairs, railings, and columns.


Once again on this level, I worked on the layout with the level designers. I was responsible for building all of the terrain geometry for the first layout of the level, most of which is in the final game. A few large areas were cut at one point though, and another env artist built the new connecting area (the path leading down to the lake). I filled in most of the level's props (lots of trees!) I also made the many of the ground textures and materials used on the terrain.


More than any other level, I worked on the town of salem, which was used in between key locations throughout the game. The level went through a huge number of revisions during the project. There were several large terrain sections that I built which were eventually cut. Through the whole process I worked closely with the design team to establish the goals for the level and figure out the layout and how we could reconfigure existing content to achieve the current needs.

In the alley used in the early intro part of the game, I placed props and built the ghost geometry.

All around town, I spent a lot of time placing and refining prop placement and ghost geometry placement in order to alter the flow through the level as design needed. I also spent a lot of time adjusting the placement of buildings as various revisions were needed.

In the beach area I built the gazebo and reworked/ retextured / optimized the large ghost boat.

I also built most of the unique world geometry for the final revision of the northeast corner of the town.