Eric Berger

18666 Redmond Way DD1030, Redmond, WA

Skills and Expertise

Level Design
      Multiplayer and single player level layout
      Mission design and documentation
      Whitebox to final implementation
      Specializing in action games and shooters, but understand a broad range of genres
      (anything but sports!)

Environment Art
      Hard surface and organic high poly modeling and sculpting using Maya and Z-brush
      Low Poly Modeling and unwrapping using Maya
      High to low baking using xNormal
      Texturing and surfacing using Photoshop and in engine material systems
      Lighting and visual effects using in engine tools

General Skills
      Able to generate smooth, shippable full level gameplay collision geometry using Maya and in engine tools
      Bug fixing and finding solutions to implementation and workflow problems
      Optimization of content for various platforms to achieve a solid framerate and to fit within memory

Game Engines
      Extensive knowledge of most aspects of Unreal Engine 3 including kismet, BSP, lighting, material editor,
      Currently learning Unreal Engine 4

Work History

Airtight Games

Redmond, WA
April 2007 July 2011, Feb 2012 - 2014
Co-Lead Environment Artist (2012 - 2014)
Senior Level Designer (2008-2011)
Environment Artist (2007-2008)

Murdered: Soul Suspect(X360, PS3, PC) (2009-2014)
Co-Lead Environment Artist (2012 2014)
      Scheduling and tasking half of the environment team on a day to day basis, collaborating collaborating
      closely with my Co-Lead Environment Artist, Art Director, and Producer to manage consistency, quality,
      and scheduling
      Communicating with the design team, tech team, and animation team to make sure the environment
      meets their needs while still maintaining visual fidelity
      Producing content and assembling environments
      Implementing level streaming and managing optimization tasks for all levels in the game
      Extensive bug fixing of all environments to get them to shippable quality

Senior Level Designer (2009-2011)
      Worked with the lead designer / creative director to design and document core game-play       systems
      Prototyped various game-play features using kismet
      Designed, built, and scripted multiple prototype levels
      Assisted the Environment Team to help meet critical milestone deadlines

Dark Void(X360, PS3, PC) (2007-2009)
      Created Environment art proxy in early stages of development
      Created Environment Props in early stages of development up to 2nd publisher demo
      Designed, built, and scripted a large number of prototype missions and multiple missions that       shipped with the game
      Implemented streaming and assisted with scripting in most missions in the game
      Assisted the Environment Team to build content needed for various level and game design that       came late in production

Mad Doc Software

Andover, MA
December 2005 January 2007
Level Designer - Full Time

Cancelled First Person Tactical Shooter (X360, PC)
      Created and iterated design documents and 2D layouts for a multitude of levels
      Built levels in the unreal (3) editor using BSP, terrain, and static meshes
      Scripted AI sequences, cinematic sequences, and prototyped various gameplay elements using       Kismet
      Optimized content and levels for memory and performance
      Worked with the Environment team to help create advanced materials

Glyphx Games

Orem, UT
July 2004 May 2005
Level Designer - Contracted by Majesco, on site at Glyphx

Advent Rising (XBOX, PC)
      Built levels in the unreal (2) editor using BSP, terrain, and static meshes
      Scripted AI sequences and cinematic sequences
      Optimized content and levels for memory and performance on the XBOX
      Built Demo level for E3 2004 presentation